The Divided Church


Jonas the prophet
Antichrist/ False prophet
Jew World order vs. Vatican/Pope of Rome
4th reich of the RICH
British Empire vs. Vatican
International Jew Elite
Revived Roman Empire
One World government
7 year peace Covenant
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THE DIVIDED CHURCH: Anglican/ Protestant Church headquartered in London, ENGLAND- whose head is the queen/king of ENGLAND (where the Antichrist will emerge from). Catholic Church headquartered in Rome, Italy- whose head is the Pope (where the False prophet will emerge from). Both churches are central to the European Union-EU (the BEAST of revelations). Global Christian church divided- evolving enemies of each other, yet both united in their opposition to Jesus Christ and the REAL remnant church in these End Times. ***Revelations 17: the global anglican/protestant church aligned with the BEAST (EU) will eventually BURN the whore church with FIRE, as demonic powers and principalities battle for world supremacy of the world ecumenical/spiritual state.