Columbine was a "black ops" New World Order Police State operation.     Designed specifically

to take away firearms from the American people and forcibly disarm the populace, the operation was, in fact,

primarily orchestrated by supreme Communist implant; Govenor Bill Owens and Co.    He was specifically put into state

power for this purpose.   Backed by the fascist American Police State and Military, the orchestration of Columbine was

deliberate, planned, precise and  highly insidious (and evil).    Those in high positions of national and international temporal

power know that if people cannot defend themselves against tyrannical/dictatorial central government, they are easier to

control and eliminate.   Note the 500% increase in prison populations and the malignant growth of new prisons nationwide.

I wouldn't be suprised if they bring back the guillotine.

         At the core, this is a war of good vs. evil in the spiritual realm, and Lucifer is having a field day (for he knows his time is

short).   Despite the setbacks though, the TRUTH always reigns supreme- however much the Wicked hate it so- and in this

fallen world, the mantra must needs be: nothing will change, expect the worst.



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New World Order Police State: