The United States of America has the highest incarceration rate
of any nation on Earth. Estimates of between 2-6 million, roughly
1-2% of the entire American population, are behind bars. The number
of US citizens incarcerated by the prison industrial complex
exceeds even that of the "tyrannical/dictatorial" states of Russia
and China combined! Many of those in jail in the United States are,
in essence, political prisoners- prosecuted many times on frivolous,
non-violent charges not worthy of prison sentences. Most are poor
and people of color (non-white).
By all intents and standards, America has evolved into a ruthlessly
repressive, corporately controlled Nazi Police State in service to
rich, arrogant, elitist, self-serving interests, policies and politicians.
These people have ILLEGALLY usurped the basic rights, freedoms and
principles of the Republic to make way for an insidiously tyrannical
New World Order Police State for the 21st century.
On Judgement Day they shall ALL be lead as hordes into the Inferno of
Hell, a most fitting recompense. It is a prison from which
they will NEVER escape.

Steve C. Jones
aka- Jonas the Prophet
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Pacific Grove, California

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