"I come not to bring peace, but a sword"--- The Messiah

Prophet's Master Links

Prophet's Master Page:
Jonas the prophet/1:
Jonas the prophet/2:
Jonas the prophet/3:
Third Force Project:
The Jonah Plan:
Jerusalem: Capitol of the World:
Jerusalem Temple Mount:
Sacred Rock of Abraham:
The Holy Land:
Jews, Christians, Muslims:
Torah, Gospel, Koran:
The Future of Jerusalem:
7 Year Peace Covenant:
666- Mark of the Beast:
Prophet's Geocities Links:
Prophet's Link Launcher:
Antichrist/ False Prophet:
International Jew Elite:
4th Reich of the Rich:
Two Witnesses of Revelations:
Last Day Prophet of God:
Global Famine/ World Hunger:
Atrocities Against Iraq:
Prophet's Tripod Links:
UFO's, Aliens, Fallen Angels:
International Institutions:
Extraterrestrial Life/ Intellegence:
Advanced Civilization:
Prophet's Hotbot Links:
Battle of Armageddon:
Divine Intervention:
The Archangels:
Prophecy Links:
Muslim Links:
Jerusalem Links:
The 7 thunders:
Wrath of GOD:

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