New World Order Police State


New World Order
666-Mark of the Beast
National ID Cards
Cashless Money System
4th Reich of the Rich
One World Government
Antichrist/ False Prophet
Prophet's Master Links

Welcome to Lucifer's NEW WORLD ORDER POLICE STATE. Total Control of every human being on the planet. One World Government, Big Brother Surveillance Society, Global Cellular Satellite Network, 666-Mark of the Beast Invisible Laser Tatoo Barcoding, Computerized National ID Control, One World Government, Cashless Money System, Submission to the Beast (Satan), 4th Reich of the Rich, Antichrist World Empire, Global Mind Control/ Psychotronics, Jew World Order, Concentration Camps, Persecution of the Saints/ the Great Tribulation, Revived Roman Empire/ European Union, International Institutions, The BEAST Computer, The Abomination of Desolation/ Jerusalem Temple Mount, World War 3, Extraterrestrial Life/ Intellegence/ Fallen Angels, Interception, Confiscation and Monitoring of mail, telephone and computer communications, Dialectical control and coopting of dissident anti-New World Order protest movements, incarceration, the forcible disarming of the world's citizens.......