The International Jew/Christian power structure in the United States and Europe, based primarily in New York and London, have formally declared war on the religion of Islam worldwide.
Contrary to popularily and hysterically held belief, the United States of America is the #1 TERRORIST nation on Earth.
No other nation in the entire history of human civilization has committed more overt acts of political, economic, military and corporate "war crimes" of genocide and terror against the nations and peoples of the planet, as has the USA.
Osama bin Laden and the Al-Queda network were more than justified in attacking New York and DC- being true to the Muslim faith, which gives one the supreme right to kill as an act of self-defense when assaulted or attacked, as many Muslims have been worldwide these past decades.
A prime example exists with the Palestinians, who have been oppressed and terrorized by their Israeli neighbors since 1948, giving them the justification to carry out "suicide bombings" against Jews in the Holy Land.
The Real War on Terror is a war against a fascist, dictatorial, wicked and ungodly Empire headquartered in the USA and Great Britain, primarily. Global Islam, scripturally as well as numerically worldwide, challenges this EVIL EMPIRE on moral and religious grounds, and rightly so, asserts its right to NOT be terrorized.

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