Govenor Owens: Guilty of Treason

Editorial --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------05.24.00

The Govenor of the State of Colorado is a criminal, a tyrant and has committed TREASON against the U.S. Constitution- which is the Supreme Law of the Land- until deemed otherwise. He has willingly, deliberately and maliciously violated the 2nd Amendment which guarantees the right of the people to keep and bear arms, without government interference or infringement. Gun Control, in the form of safety lock legistlation, background checks, mandatory registration, assault rifle bans, concealed weapons permits, former "criminal" record restrictions, age limitations etc., are ALL strickly ILLEGAL and against the Law. The evidence and intention are clear: to disarm the American people, to give only government and state authorities the right to own and use firearms, and to forcibly usurp the constitutional LAW that gives the PEOPLE the supreme right to defend themselves against state tyranny. I urge ALL Americans to hereby arm themselves to the teeth, form militias in every community and to NOT participate in any way shape or form with federal and state gun control guidelines. I call on ALL Law-abiding police officers, lawyers, judges and military personnel to immediately organize to arrest, charge and prosecute this Govenor for TREASON- and if found guilty before a proper court of Law- to be taken out and HUNG BY THE NECK TILL DEAD.

Steve Jones P.O. Box 1193 Nederland, Colorado 80466 USA

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