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The United States of America is the most evil, most murderous, most wicked, most violent nation that has ever existed in the entire history of the human race.

Currently the USA has the highest incarceration rate of any nation on Earth- exceeding that of even the "dictatorial" police states of Russia and China.

As the titular head of an insidiously satanic global 'one-world' corporate economic and political BEAST system, the United States assumes direct responsibility for the needless deaths of billions of human beings on the planet.

Every year, at least 40 million innocent men, women and children (that's 7 jewish holocausts) ruthlessly perish from hunger, poverty, starvation, disease and malnutrition- due largely to the policies of US international state and corporate self-interest, power and greed.

Hitler's gas ovens didn't stop after World War II ended, they only, in fact, became the machinery of the new global marketplace, churning out unparalleled human misery, death and destruction worldwide- a process that even to this day continues unabated.

In the nation of Iraq this past decade alone, up to 2 million Iraqi citizens (most of them children) have needlessly perished due largely to the genocidal economic, political and military sanctions imposed upon them by the United States after the Gulf War.

In the area of global environmental destruction, the United States practically stands alone in the protracted destruction of a large part of the planet's ecosystems. Hydrocarbon emissions, deforestation, the greenhouse effect, loss of earth's ozone, and unsustainable, highly exploitative global developmental policies have resulted in permanent scars on the global environment, affecting the survival, health and well-being of generations to come.

But all the forementioned international war crimes against humanity pale in comparison to the billions of human beings (in fact, all life in general) the United States threatens DAILY with its vast arsenal of thermonuclear weaponry- a potential holocaust so great and so devastating that only the inconcievable thought of extinction could possibly be interpreted to this unforgivable act of supreme treachery (in threat).

So duely noted, unless and until the United States of America is forcibly brought down to its knees and held accountable for the supreme CRIMES it has willfully and maliciously committed around the world these past decades, there will be NO future for humanity or for this planet...its as simple as that.


Steve Jones
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