Over the Cliff at Warp Speed...

Humanity is quickly approaching the point of terminal breakdown on
Planet Earth. Already global population is out of control. There
are more than 6 billion people inhabiting the planet- growing at
an exponential rate- many of whom don't even have the basic means to sustain
themselves. The automobile/industrial hydrocarbon economy is quickly
destroying the global environment, many believe we are already past the
point of no return. Millions starve and suffer worldwide from lack
of food, water and simple shelter while wealthy people and nations
pursue ever greater perverted pleasures impervious to the destruction
and death that is all around them.
Global communications via computers and digital satellites provide
us with instantaneous real-time information, yet it is being squandered away
by big business interests whose insatiable desire for power and profit
have usurped and denegrated the very people, elements and information
necessary for life to continue.
We should be producing clean, organic food and practicing sustainable
agriculture. We should be using alternative energy, such as solar and wind
to power our homes and businesses. We should be driving around in free energy
non-polluting geo-magnetic vehicles. We should be educating the masses
of people on the planet about overpoluation and threats to the global environment.
But this is not happening. These things should have been put in motion
20 years ago...but they weren't because the wrong people have been in power
and those with intellegence and understanding of world realities have been
chastised and shut-out.
As a result of this outright idiocy, bias and greed, our planet and its
people are heading over the cliff at warp speed.

Steve Jones
777 Thunder Ridge Rd.
Nederland, Colorado